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                                                  Corporate News

                                                  Win the Blue Rise Award, Jointly Explore the Growth Driving Force


                                                           Under the new economy situation that economic development transforms from volume to quality, exploring the growth driving force and realizing high-quality development have become the enterprisers’ common topics.


                                                           From 21st to 23rd July, the 11th China Cosmetic Conference 2018 that was organized by Pinguan APP and is called “Davos forum” of China cosmetic industry was grandly held in Beijing. Focusing on the individualized consumption era and taking “exploring the growth driving force” as the theme, a brainstorm was conducted. Cheng Yingqi (vice marketing president of Uniasia Group), Hu Genhua (general manager of brand management center), Yao Lei (Seeyoung CS channel sales director), Kang Ni (manger of brand management department) were invited to attend the conference, communicated ideas with many elites in this industry.




                                                           On the awarding ceremony of China cosmetic blue rose award held on evening of 22nd July,Uniasia Group won four honors with its unique advantages: The Group won “China quality manufacturing. Annual scientific breakthrough award”, Meifubao under the Group won the “fine product. Annual fashionable brand award”, Seeyoung won the “creation aesthetics. Annual advertising design award”, Hu Genhua (the general manger of the brand management center of the Group) won the “industry elite. Annual outstanding person award”. These awards not only show the industry’s acknowledge of the quality, creativeness, brand and influence of the Group, but also reflect the unique “growth driving force” of the Group.











                                                  Second from the right: Cheng Yingqi (vice marketing president of Uniasia Group)


                                                   Second from the left: Hu Genhua (general manager of brand management center)


                                                  First from the right: Kang Ni (manger of brand management department)


                                                  Second from the left: Yao Lei (Seeyoung CS channel sales director)


                                                  Growth driving force A: Quality manufacturing as pilot, experience first


                                                           Abiding the original purpose of “being champion product and creating world famous brand”, the Group has been persisting in the concepts of outputting the high-quality products and services for the consumers.


                                                           For realizing high-efficiency management of quality safety, the Group has implemented SAP-ERP quality management system since 2016 and strictly controlled each milestone from research, development to production; for strengthening “product+service” experiencing marketing mode, in 2018, the Group cooperated with the world leading intelligent and cloud platform company IBM, integrates such advanced technical means as cloud computing, big data, AI and so on to strengthen the consumption experience, promote the Group to transform from “manufacturing” to “quality manufacturing” and upgrade to “intelligent manufacturing”. The deep perception for consumption demand and great importance to consumers and their experience are the primary driving force for growth of the Group.


                                                  Growth driving force B: Keeping innovation, assisted by scientific research


                                                           Powerful support from scientific research and innovation assists the driving force for growth of the Group.


                                                           Since establishment of the Group, “scientific innovation” has been the most important factor. The Group even made great investment to build the Uniasia research institute (one of the largest cosmetic R & D centers in Asia). In addition, the Group extensively employs scientific research talents for scientific innovation.



                                                           Research institute of the Group


                                                  Growth driving force C: Differential orientation, international layout


                                                           Differential brand orientation and international marketing layout are the core driving force for growth of the Group.


                                                           As for brand building, the Group has powerfully forged five distinct brand systems: Meifubao, a skincare brand with Chinese formula; Franic, an organic skincare brand; Seeyoung, a silicone-oil-free head skin nursing brand; Youya, a high-end essential oil skincare brand; MOR, an international affordable luxury aroma nursing brand. with differential brand orientation and layout, multi-dimensional and powerful growth has reached. According to Euromonitor data, based on the retail volume in 2017, Meifubao accounted for 42% of market share in the domestic sunscreen dream products and kept the first place. With market share of 31%, Seeyoung took the first place among many rivals and in the domestic washing and nursing product market; the organic skin care concept and products of Franic have been liked by the consumers since its offering; with the generalization mode of “single product breakthrough+experiencing marketing”, Youya has maintained its stake position in the professional line skincare field; MOR has not been formally introduced to domestic market, but has brought about “Amway” fashion in such cosmetic sharing platforms as Little Red Book and so on.


                                                           Meanwhile, for increasing the volume of Chinese brands in the global market, the Group has been the active pusher and participant for the “go to the world” strategy during globalization process, and addresses itself to building the tie and widow linking to the world. In 2015, the Group acquired Australia aroma and body nursing brand MOR, the Group has established the cross-boarder E-commerce division and import and export division, built a production base in Australia (covering a building area of 25000 square meters, the largest factory in southern hemisphere). All of these are the powerful measures for the Group to expand the international market. It is noted that, after the production base in Australia is built up, not only MOR production can be made there, the international edition products of Seeyoung and Franic and the other new varieties and new brands of the Group can also be output from there to the surrounding countries and the global market.



                                                           Economic development calls the “driving force”. As an enterprise that closely follows the daily chemical industry pulse in China and deeply cultivates for many years, the driving force for growth of the Group is multi-dimensional and interlinked. Besides strengthening the existing driving force for growth, the Group in future will also try to further trigger more driving forces during integrating the global resources and diversified marketing layout to realize high-quality development of the Group.