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                                                                                  Corporate News

                                                                                  The Uniasia Group joins the Academy Awards to praise the youth creativity!


                                                                                           It time for the youth to use their creativity and make a bright future!

                                                                                           On July 13, 2018, Awards Ceremony of the 16th China University Student Advertising Arts Festival- Academy Awards (spring) was held at the Beijing Media Center. As the proposition enterprise of this Academy Awards, the Uniasia Group and the various great guns in this industry, academy experts and college students from all over the country gathered at this event of creativity, and Hu Genhua, general manager of the Brand Management Center of Uniasia Group, and Kang Ni, the manager of the brand management department, as the representative of the enterprise was also solemnly present.



                                                                                  Awards ceremony, full of creativity and youth energy

                                                                                             Since the end of last year, the three major brands of Uniasia Cosmetic Group, namely Meifubao, Franic and Seeyoung have get together, and firstly cooperated with the Academy Awards, and launched a large-scale creative dialogue with the “95s and 00s” group. They went to 36 colleges and universities, directly faced nearly 20,000 students, and gave out tens of thousands of new product trials, and the propaganda covered 82% of the university's college students all over China. In the nearly eight-month‘s activity cycle, a wave of creative enthusiasm was set off. The students from 2578 colleges and universities across the country created a total of 17,950 entries for Uniasia, covering graphic design, product packaging design, marketing planning, film and television advertising, etc., stimulating youthful creativity and injecting young blood into the brand.


                                                                                           The creativity reflects the brand power, and the passionate participation of college students in the creation is the embodiment of the influence and recognition of the three brands of Meifubao, Franic and Seeyoung in the young group. In order to thank the high recognition of university students for the brand, Uniasia has a special self-evaluation award in addition to the Academy Awards, encouraging them to actively participate in brand interaction.






                                                                                            Among the tens of thousands of works submitted by college students, many outstanding works have emerged. Among them, the marketing planning work “Liaohanyoufang” with the theme of “Meifubao” is shortlisted to contend the overall award. Hu Genhua, the general manager of the Brand Management Center of Uniasia Group gave full encouragement to this work and the author students in the commentary section.






                                                                                            At the award ceremony, Hu Genhua, general manager of Brand Management Center of Uniasia Group, accepted interviews from online media such as Youku, Netease, and Aiqiyi. He said that the Academy Awards is a high-end platform for connecting theory and practice, and is a young trial field. With the award platform, the three major brands of Uniasia has expanded the volume of communication and harvested many young ideas, which is a fruitful activity.






                                                                                  Great guns gathering, Academy award is concentrated with creativities

                                                                                             So far, the Academy Awards China University Student Advertising Arts Festival have gone through many years of experience in the national colleges and universities, and its influence has been extended from colleges and universities to the advertising industry, becoming an important way for the industry to select talents and enterprises to obtain outstanding ideas.


                                                                                             Not only has the outstanding creative works of many college students gathered, the Academy Awards have achieved high standards and high specifications in invitation of the judges, link arrangement and activity content. The invited guests are well-known scholars in the industry and industry leaders with many years of practical experience. The joining of many advertising masters has enabled the "Academy Award" to truly build a high-end platform from learning to actual combat.






                                                                                             Young people are the main force of the creativity. On the stage of the Academy Awards, the young college students play their own creative ideas. While realizing their creative dreams, they also provide enterprises with the consumption concept and trends of young consumers. The company not only harvested a large number of creative works, but also further understood the psychology of young consumers, and also reserved creative talents for them.






                                                                                             College and university students use their creativity to express their enthusiasm for the brand. The Academy Award has become an important way for brands to dialogue with young people. In the context of brand rejuvenation, many brands have begun to encourage consumers to participate in interactions and build brands with consumers. The Academy Awards is a useful attempt.


                                                                                  Joining the young group and build a brand with consumers

                                                                                             With the rise of consumers of 95s and 00s, brand rejuvenation is imperative, and joining the young group and building a brand with consumers is a way worth exploring.


                                                                                             Taking this academy award as an example, Uniasia not only harvested a large number of creative works, but also became a source of inspiration within the company. Moreover, through close interaction with young college students in the past few months, it has deeply understood the consumption psychology of young people. It is especially beneficial that, when the students plan their works for the three brands of Meifubao, Franic and Seeyoung, not only the students' recognition and identification of the brand enhanced, but the brand also harvested from the young people's ideas, which is a useful inspiration for how to continue in the future.


                                                                                              Advance with the times and take advantage of the trend, it will be able to stand in the leading position in the industry. As a leading enterprise in the domestic beauty cosmetics and beauty care industry, Uniasia Group has dialogue with creative youths in the era of consumption upgrading, and building younger brands with consumers, which will benefit the domestic brands giving a fresh vitality.