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                          Brand News

                          Win Two Watsons Awards in 2018, Franic Become the Industry Focus Again


                                   On 10th August, Watsons Health, Wellnessand Beauty Awards (HWB) was held in Guangzhou. On the fashion event held once a year, Franic won two awards, namely the popular skincare product award and top-10 new products award.


                          Franic won two awards


                                   Watsons is the world famous healthcare and cosmetic product retail chain store, address itself to providing the latest fashion guide for the consumers. HWB is the supreme awarding ceremony of Watsons, is called “Oscar” of the retail industry. HWB leads the fashion, is assisted by the precise perception for the future fashion+true big data analysis+ cosmetic VIP, appraises the brands and products with great golden content. It is an important fashion guide for vast consumers.



                          Photo of spot of HWB


                                    For HWB 2018, the popular stars, cosmetic and fashion VIPs and well-known KOL gathered, many major brands also competed. On such grand fashion event, Franic specially attracted the editor. It is said that Franic has won HWB award for three years continuously. On HWB 2018, Franic won two awards, namely the popular skincare product award (for rose bud lotion cyaniding tender facial mask and rose bud lotion polysaccharide moisture facial mask) and top-10 new products award (rose makeup removal face lotion, aloe release and moisture lotion).





                          Yu Yi, vice general manager of Franic marketing division center (the fifth from the left)



                                   What is the reason for Franic’s success? Let us jointly discuss.

                                   Strength+attitude conquering the consumers

                                   The year of 2018 is the glorious year for Franic. Sales volume of Franic is fine. It is said that the year-to-year growth rate of Franic via Watsons channel is 62% for the first half of this year. The sales volume of several facial masks stably rises and maintains the leading place in the market. The fine performance of Franic in this year also is assisted by the new products, such as rose bud lotion facial mask series and so on.


                                   Why Franic can fast so fast? We may get some information through analyzing one of its popular products.


                                   Firstly, we will discuss the most attractive rose bud lotion facial mask series. These series use the non-water 3.0 technology, finely selects the natural purpose rose flowers as the raw material, applies HyaRosa unique hydrating technology, combines the accurately proportioned sodium hyaluronate, each facial mask can have the outstanding force of rose for skin care. In addition, Franic also overturns the previous facial mask R & D mode. For different skincare demands, the high-efficiency skincare nutrients in the purple rose flowers are accurately researched, it emphasizes on optimizing the complex formula percentage of the high-efficiency nutrients. The best matching degree between the mask cloth and essence is scientifically tested to realize accurate matching and create the golden combination of rose facial mask for skincare.




                                   In addition, we shall also pay attention to the three core ingredients of Franic aloe release and moisture lotion, namely aloe raw liquor, sodium hyaluronate and AquaxylTM patented moisture ingredient. Such ingredients can effectively achieve hydrating and moisture effects, the skin will become more finer and transparent. The rose makeup removal face lotion integrates cleaning, makeup removal and release and moisture, and initiates the new experiences of makeup removal. The lotion uses three core ingredients, namely rose flower lotion, sodium hyaluronate and AquaxylTM patented moisture ingredient.


                                   It is easy to find that Franic really moves the consumers just with its strength and attitude. The strength perfectly digesting the core technology and attitude for persisting in use of organic raw material are just two important factors for attracting the consumers.


                                   Strength+attitude assist Franic to win the glorious cup presently.



                          Cup of Franic


                                   Orientaton+strategy conquering Watsons


                                   As the largest healthcare and cosmetic product retail chain store in China presently, Watsons owns more than 3200 stores and more than 64 million members in 438 cities in China. Watsons has been the high-quality channel for many brands. How does Franic conquer Watsons and win HWB award?


                                   Since comprehensively settling down in Watsons in 2016, with the orientation of organic skincare and differential product strategy, Franic has developed fast. Franic has been using the core technology and natural raw materials and providing new organic skincare experiences for the consumers. Just with persistence and efforts of Franic, the popularity and cognition of organic skincare brand concept has been greatly enhanced.


                                   Franic’s marketing strategy via Watsons is also very clear. Both customizing for the channel and forging the organic experience center are conducted at the same time.


                                   Strategy A: Customizing for the channel


                                   Cheng Yingqi (vice marketing president of the Group) has analyzed the customizing for the channel to the editor, namely product strategy is determined based on the channel characteristic. As a brand pushed via multiple channels, Franic not only has differential channel sale strategies, but also implements the product strategy of “customizing for the channel”, digs the different demands of consumers of different channels and gain the maximum sales results. For the marketing characteristics of Watsons channel, Franic customizes the products for the consumers of Watsons channel, and accurately customizes from such aspects as package style, product portfolio, product architecture, dynamic sales strategy and so on. For variety, Franic meets the diversified shopping styles of Watsons consumers; for innovation, Franic meets the consumers’ shopping characteristic of loving new products. Franic persists in organic orientation firmly, uses the internationally leading scientific research and technology, and provides more and healthy skincare products for the consumers seeking high-quality skincare.


                                   Strategy B: Forging the experience center


                                   Franic has been focusing on shaping the brand reputation and enhancing the user experience. As the leading brand for experiencing marketing, in past many years, Franic has been persisting in providing high-quality skincare experience service for the consumers, has continuously improved and upgrade. With enhancing the brand added value, Franic provides the better shopping experience for the consumers, and realize rise of sale. After settling down in Watsons, Franic has been optimizing and upgrading the channel marketing strategy in order to more effectively gain the benefit from organic skincare. The organic experience center is Franic core project in Watsons channel in 2018. The center takes Franic brand green as the main tone, centrally presents the global collection advantage that 24 fine raw materials are collected from 8 countries. The brand persistence of “fine product from fine raw material” is visually displayed. In addition, the three-organic management system of “organic goods shelves, organic BA and organic sales promotion” of Franic is implemented, the organic “person, goods and mall” relationship is reconstructed to realize great breakthrough in the new retail era.


                                   With its clear orientation and flexible marketing strategy, Franic has become the glorious star in Watsons system and has become an important domestic brand.