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                                                                          Brand News

                                                                          Initial Presentation of Seeyoung Sing Out. Antiphonal Singing Season has Ended, More than 100 million Clicks are Powerful


                                                                                   On evening of 27th July 2018, the large play story type music variety show Sing Out. Antiphonal Singing Season produced by Youku and jointly sponsorsed by Seeyoung was formally presented on the Youku platform. The founders of antiphonal signing are Lu Han, Luo Zhixiang and Li Ronghao, and they are three strong singers and will speak on the spot, call the male and female singers to sing at the stage, the program audience rating and reputation will be fine. After less than 4h after initial presentation of Sing Out. Antiphonal Singing Season, there were more than 100 million clicks at Youku, the score at Youku reached 9. The program became the attractive topic variety show among the people. With the variety shown of great popularity and clicks, Seeyoung has not only realized the maximum brand communication, but also brought about the new tide of silicon-oil-free head skin care, and become popular all over China again.



                                                                                   We shall consider the following problem, under the situation that the variety show popularity reduces, as the carrier of the variety show program, how does Seeyoung realize more than 100 million clicks in this communication?


                                                                          Battles Chinese traditional washing and nursing products, presenting the greatest energy of the brand

                                                                                   In 2014, Seeyoung followed the global development trend, introduced the silicone-oil-free healthy washing and nursing concept TO China. With “silicone-oil-free head skin care”, the varieties were innovated, Seeyoung battled Chinese traditional washing and nursing products, has not only brought about the new tide of silicone-oil-free head skin care in China, but also has continuously led the new fashion of Chinese washing and nursing product industry. With evolution of the consumers’ individual demands, the new consumption major groups have started to see more comprehensive, gentle and effective washing and nursing products, Seeyoung keeps innovation, makes great efforts, follows the fashion of young target consumers born after 1995, has offered Seeyoung flower young series, Seeyoung sweet fragrance series, Seeyoung sulfate-free plant brilliant series and other products for the young consumers. After being marketed, the products have won favor from the consumers, have become the popular products of different channels frequently and have won high remarks from the consumers.




                                                                                   In Seeyoung’s opinion, the first cooperation with Youku for sponsoring Sing Out. Antiphonal Singing Season is not decision without rational consideration, and this just proves that Seeyoung follows the development trend of the times. Only if following the times development and maintaining development, the brand influence can present the greatest energy and drive sales.

                                                                                   In fact, more than 100 million clicks of this initial presentation again presented Seeyoung’s unique perception for the development trend of the times and brand influence of Seeyoung and its calling force for the consumers. It is believed that, through Sing Out. Antiphonal Singing Season cooperated with Youku, Seeyoung must lead silicone-oil-free washing and nursing products in China to be a higher step.


                                                                          Integrating marketing by 360-degree, release the young brand image

                                                                                   In fact, brand marketing tone of Seeyoung has followed the fashion culture of the youth. Cooperating with Sing Out. Antiphonal Singing Season is just based on the high fitness between the program content and the brand. With this cooperation, Seeyoung wants to become popular among the special target circle groups born in 1990s and 2000s with the vertical theme and communication method, also hope to achieve the commercial realization purpose through the circle users.

                                                                                   In recent years, there have been many music variety shows. Although it seems that these show have different forms, but the core of these shows are similar. The music variety shows are frequently “same”, the aesthetic fatigue of the audience is shown presently. Youku Sing Out. Antiphonal Singing Season breaks through the ordinary form, claims to return to the essential function of music for expressing feeling and mutual communication, dared to introduce the mode of “play story +music”. Youku returns to the music essence via Sing Out. Antiphonal Singing Season and has unique understanding for “young, innovation”. These just coincide with ideas of Seeyoung. This online variety show cooperation is another try of Seeyoung that has the thinking of Internet, and is also an important progress for the brand young marketing. 




                                                                          Holding head skin nursing festival, giving the greatest voice of sales

                                                                                   Today, the consumers continuously seek higher life quality, more healthy head skin nursing has become popular among more and more consumers. As the co-sponsors of Sing Out. Antiphonal Singing Season, Seeyoung and Youku not only combine with the characteristics of Sing Out. Antiphonal Singing Season, during the presentation period of the program, such original means as figure oral reporting, customized VCR of the singers, product replacement and so on, the brand shows very strong existence in the program; Seeyoung also conducts multi-dimensional bundles for contents to realize the new innovation publicity.




                                                                                   At such many channels as Tmall, VIP store, Watsons, Seeyoung head skin nursing festival with the theme of “face score from hair quantity, sing for excitation” was held. Just as its name implies, Seeyoung head skin nursing festival will rely on the ultra-high clicks of Sing Out. Antiphonal Singing Season, combines with the powerful energy of online communication to push great increase of sales amount. For example, at the official Wechat/microblog/website of Seeyoung, battle tasks, guessing champion CP, winning gifts and other activities are conducted. The spot ticket is taken as the welfare to invite the consumers to participate in the festival, the purposes are comprehensively to enhance the terminal entering rate and the consumers’ attention for the store and brand.



                                                                                 Successful initial presentation of Sing Out. Antiphonal Singing Season is only a start for Seeyoung. Once the new mode can gain benefit, the tactics will become generalized, the competitiveness will reduce; Seeyoung more focuses on the innovative contents in each campaign, only in this way, the brand can maintain the continuous vitality. In future, carrying with IP will become the main battle field of Seeyoung. Besides clicks, Seeyoung will also try many ways, will self-produce contents and conduct effective communication with consumers, introduce the consumers to different channels via interactive marketing in order to achieve realization.