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                                                                          Brand News

                                                                          Seeyoung accounts for 31% of market share and takes the First Place among many rivals


                                                                                   In recent days, Euromonitor, a world authoritative market survey organization, publicized the results of market share survey of washing and nursing domestic products. The official data shows that: based on the retail volume in 2017, Seeyoung accounted for 31% of the market share of domestic washing and nursing product market. These data and fact prove the leading position of Seeyoung brand in the domestic washing and nursing product industry again.


                                                                                   It is said that, Euromonitor is UK survey organization with a history of 45 years, has become the world leading strategic market information provider, and its research has great authoritativeness and profession in the world range. Such market share survey of washing and nursing domestic products covered all of retail stores of selling fast consumption articles all over China from offline aspect, including the supermarket, CS, KA, LKA and other traditional channels, covered many dominant E-commerce platforms from online aspect, such as Tmall, Jingdong, VIP shop, Jumei, No.1 store and so on. This data shows the rolling survey results for the domestic washing and nursing products market in 2017, and is true and comprehensive.


                                                                          Forging the brand, realizing the powerful economic country

                                                                                    In this industry, Development of Seeyoung is taken as a phenomenon class event not only because of the market share stably kept at the first place, but also because there is very few brand cases that can simultaneously and fast establish brand height, product reputation and product sales volume. Seeyoung is just one such brand.


                                                                                   Seeyoung and CCTV platform have carried out deep and individualized strategic cooperation. By virtue of the communication force, the brand value is transmitted; the dominant media supports the dominant brand. Data shows that, in 2017, the TV advertisement of Seeyoung was played for 2155 times, the target audience reached about 4.4 billion. The Euromonitor data not only proves the consumers’ trust and support for Seeyoung, but also proves that Seeyoung has offered a satisfaction answer paper for “brand promotes powerful economic country”.


                                                                          Continuous innovation, maintain the leading position

                                                                                     For business competition, those who have clear understanding of the situations can become the winner. How to maintain the leading position among domestic washing and nursing products, how to realize the greater ambition and becoming the international leading brand of washing and nursing product industry, as for the present market performance, Seeyoung has made full preparation from product innovation and terminal generalization.


                                                                                    “Multiple channel and mode” has been the terminal channel strategic policy of Seeyoung, product customizing for the channel is the important weapon for Seeyoung to win the terminals. 2018 is the first year for Seeyoung brand sulfate-free product. On this premise, according to consumption data analysis of different major channels, five sulfate-free new product series are offered to cover five dominant sales channels of Seeyoung respectively, including the sulfate-free aroma series special for supermarkets, sulfate-free essential oil nursing series special for specialty store, sulfate-free deep sea essence series special for contractor, sulfate-free plant series special for Watsons and sulfate-free sweet series special for E-commerce. After silicon-oil-free, Seeyoung again uses the frontier head skin nursing technology to overturn the industry tradition, substitutes sulfate surface active agent with amino acid, provides more health head skin nursing for the consumers. Seeyoung believes that, sulfate-free is taken as the starting point to expand toward the channel characteristics. Seeyoung has won this “terminal hot sale war”.




                                                                                      Furthermore, head skin nursing is also the key factor for terminal generalization of Seeyoung in this year. It is not only a “festival marketing”, but also is a long war for volume increase and sales breakthrough. It is said that SeeyoungX Watsons head skin nursing festival has resulted in the situation that many consumers actively buys Seeyoung. During 1st May holiday, the head skin nursing festival was held, Seeyoung has made great sales in many channels. The group buying where the customer unit price in supermarket channel was so much, the goal achievement rate of CS channel is higher. E-commerce channel grasps the relevant period, each platform has created the year-to-year growth rate more higher than 50%.








                                                                                      Based on such situations, from brand communication, product innovation and to terminal generalization, Seeyoung is not satisfactory to maintain the leading position among domestic washing and nursing products, and will continuously lead the new development tide of washing and nursing product market in China.