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          Brand News

          Taking the firs place with the market share of 42% for sunscreen products! The domestic products shall be independent, Meifubao has fine quality


                   10th May is “China Brand day” established by the State. This sets the first example that the State sets a day for the commodity and service reputation, and means that China strives from a large manufacturing country toward a powerful manufacturing country.


                   When “Chinese manufacturing” becomes attractive, Made in China has more and more become a marking name card for China to go out toward the world. The national cosmetic brands just rise slowly, and the quality and brand have great progress.




          According to the newly published Euromonitor data, based on retail volume in 2017,

          Meifubao accounted for 42% market share of the domestic sunscreen products.

          The Chinese formula skincare essence combines with the strong scientific research force,

          From product R & D to product process

          From product quality to product brand rise

          Meifubao just displays the unique charm of oriental skin care to the world

          Today, please be pride for and cheer for Meifubao!


          Accounting for 42% of market share, setting the brand with quality


                   Brand is the “intangible assets” of an enterprise, an excellent brand must be forged and shaped again and again.


                    Since its establishment in 1999, Meifubao has continuously refined its product quality, especially early and acutely perceived the great potential of sunscreen product market, continuously and dedicatedly makes efforts for sunscreen products, and has obtained attractive achievement. Especially, the achievement of Meifubao whitening foundation primer and sunscreen cream is good. Combining with the double demands of sunscreen and skincare, the sunscreen cream has continuously acted as the hot sunscreen product for the people. The gross sales amount has been more than RMB4 billion.


                     According to the newly published Euromonitor data, based on retail volume in 2017,

          Meifubao accounted for 42% market share of the domestic sunscreen products. This not only proves that Meifubao has won trust and support from the consumers in sunscreen field, but also reflects that the brand influence of Meifubao continuously enhances.




                     Sunscreen product is special-purpose cosmetic. According to the relevant laws, the enterprise can produce such product only if obtaining the approval. The period for apply for the “special license” is fairly long (at least 12 months), the period for the sunscreen product from research, development to sale in market is longer than those of the other ordinary cosmetics. Therefore, many domestic brands intend to investment such resources as labor, fund and so on to the other ordinary skincare products, and development of sunscreen products is inhibited.


                     Meifubao specializes in sunscreen field, continuously and independently innovates, occupies the sunscreen product market with its strength; Meifubao forges the differential product strategy, has continuously held “whitening and sunscreen festival” for 10 years, and has given the deep impression of “sunscreen=Meifubao” to the consumers. Meifubao also continuously transmits the philosophy inheriting the oriental skincare to the consumers, always abides by the composition and formulation principle of “balance among main and auxiliary ingredients” of Chinese formula, takes “balance. Regulation.nursing” as the skincare concept, encourages the consumers to become more firm and confident for beauty.


                      Meifubao has the non-stimulation sunscreen patent for invention, the product is more gentle and good for the skin. In addition, Meifubao has conducted full band anti-ultraviolet ray research, this research has won the scientific and technological progress award granted by China Light Industry Federation and the scientific and technological progress award granted by Guangdong Province Light Industry Association, and Meifubao is one of few cosmetic brands that won such two awards at the same time, and the technical basis for effective sunscreen is provided.


                      Besides technical innovation for sunscreen product, Meifubao also continuously make efforts for brand building, continuously moves the consumers with the more younger and fashionable image. In recent years, through cooperating with the school award, IP popular TV plays and popular stars, assistance is provided for Meifubao young brand image.




                     As for deeply cultivating channels, Meifubao has developed to be a brand that can develop via online and offline channels including CS, KA, E-commerce and so on. For CS channels, Meifubao just has more 10000 core stores. In addition, Meifubao also implements “1+N” online sale mode via E-commerce channel, and has made the TOP1 daily sales volume of sunscreen products at Tmall for 6 years continuously. On the “awarding ceremony of 2018 Tmall golden makeup award” held in this March, Meifubao whithening and foundation primer and sunscreen scream SPF45PA+++ has won the Tmall golden makeup award.


                    For the brand influence, Meifubao continuously displays the unique and oriental charm to the world from such aspects as product quality, marketing layout and brand shaping. With the posture of excellent domestic brand, Meifubao actively undertakes the national mission, and assists the national to realize new rise.


          Dream of a nation is to realize rejuvenation

          Dream of a brand is to display the oriental beauty

          The domestic products shall become stronger, Meifubao has fine quality